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Sample auto insurance premium comparisons

How To Get Your Sample Auto Premiums

In the form below, enter information about you, including where you live, how you use your car and the coverages you want. Insurance companies use this information to determine the rates they charge.

Once you've entered your information, select "Get Sample Premiums". You’ll get a list of the companies in our database and their sample premium estimates.

Premium and contact information were provided to ODI by the participating insurance companies. Insurance companies submitted the data voluntarily. There are other companies that sell insurance but are not listed here.

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For more information contact: https://secured.insurance.ohio.gov/consumserv/conservcomments.asp

If you are an insurer that provides personal auto insurance coverage in the state of Ohio and would like to learn more about the Premium Comparisons Program and how you can participate by providing sample premiums for your organization, please contact ODI at premium.comparisons@insurance.ohio.gov.

Disclaimer For Sample Auto Insurance Premiums

Insurance.Ohio.gov is providing you a comprehensive resource to help you shop for auto insurance. You can use this resource to view and compare sample premiums voluntarily provided by various insurance companies and obtain contact information for these companies. Your actual premium will be based on your individual circumstances and could be higher or lower than the sample premium quotes shown. To receive an exact premium rate quote, please contact the insurance company or an insurance agent directly. This website is a free service of the Ohio Department of Insurance (the Department). The Department does not sell insurance products, and the Department does not endorse any product, service or company. The information provided is for educational purposes only.

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1. Where You Live

* Location Most Representing Where You Live In Ohio 

2. About Yourself

* Marital Status 
* Gender 
* Age 
 Under Age 25 (Company will quote age 18)
 Age 25-64 (Company will quote age 30)
 Age 65 & Older (Company will quote age 65)
* Credit Rating 
 Bad Credit
 Good Credit
 Average Credit

Note: Consumer credit information is used by some insurance companies to decide what premiums to charge because research shows there is a direct statistical relationship between certain credit-based information and the potential risk of loss by the consumer. If your credit information is poor you may have a worse credit-based insurance score which may place you in higher-priced programs or tiers. If your credit information is good you may have a better credit-based insurance score which may place you in a lower-priced program or tier. While your insurance score is based on credit information, it is not the same as your credit score that financial institutions or others use to determine credit-worthiness.


3. Coverage Limits

* Liability Coverage 
 100/300/100 (Quote will assume $5,000 in Med Pay and UM/UIM of 100/300)
* Physical Damage Coverage 
 Yes (Quote will assume deductibles of $250 for Comp and $500 for Collision)

Note: “100/300/100” is shorthand for the bodily injury and property damage liability limits - $100,000 for each injured person, up to a total of $300,000 per accident, and $100,000 for property damage. The coverage limits are the most an insurance company will pay, regardless of the actual costs. The quote also assumes you want to obtain optional medical payments coverage and uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage at the limits specified.


4. Type of Vehicle

* Type of Car 
 1 automobile a couple years old
* How Do You Use Your Auto? 
 Pleasure Only
 To & From work 15+ miles each way
* Three Year Driving Record 
 No violations
 1 At Fault Accident

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